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2010, wut ya all think?

yes yes yes! one thing in my life that is a must was to have something to read on while i'm doing some workout for my bottom. plenty of gossip mags, and MAD mag, but unfortunately i couldn't find them here in malaysia, at least not in bookstore i've been to. if you know where i can get this in Malaysia feel free to leave me a message ya.

then this CNY, my friend Liz came to Penang and she got me this! (thanks Liz) she have this little puppy dressed in bumblebee outfit, such a cutie.. i post about that later. Now back to topic; the issues #483 of MAD mag, yeahaaaaa. ya! ya! ya! i know. i'm 2 issue back, but hey! from State to Malaysia, what else can i expect.

MAD mag on my barb-wire toilet seat. No it doesn't hurt.

sign off - cv


  1. Joze Foo  

    me oso need to read when i'm........but mine the is the local cleo or women weeklys

  2. Caramel Corn  

    oh.. i didn't realise u cannot find MAD mag? I used to be able to buy them you know.. is it the new Msia regulation? Used to get it from the indian paperstand just before the PTikus Police Station in my teens. I used to read MAD, Beano, Dandy, My Guy (British teens mag), and whatever I could get my hands on!.

    you sure u can't get it now?

  3. astrogalaxy  

    I like reading MAD too.
    I wonder if you like star wars?
    If you do, you might like the MAD Star Wars 30th Anniversary book. It's funny!!!

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