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2010, wut ya all think?

here we go again, my all time favourite label. my new Hugo Boss slimfit. my honey birthday is on the 26th this month, so i'll be wearing this. as usual, i've make the reservation for the night at our favourite restaurant, 32 mansion (ya i know, again!) hahaha.

well, im running out of new shirt. i wore my last new piece of Kenneth Cole on CNY, thank god i got this now. it's a gorgeous piece. although it looks simple, plain and white like how i always love on all my shirt. plain !!!!

sign off - cv


  1. Anonymous  


    What store did you buy it from? I cannot seem to find black label slim fit shirts anywhere.



  2. -crash-  

    hi tim.. where u from? u can find this at changi airport boss shop.

    cheers mate

  3. lin  


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