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2010, wut ya all think?

26th february, a very important date as it's my baby birthday. but because now that we have our precious Lucas; we can no longer organise a party as we normally do, so we just head on to 32 mansion once again.

even thou no party nor loud music, we loved it! guess it's the sign of getting old or becoming a parent for good. arrived around 7:45pm, lovely... day for me and her like old time; dating like some young couple (we are not really old anyway)..... not much traffic that day, so everything went well.

as usual, i ordered a italian wild mushroom then nz sirloin and she got herself a lobster spag. i had some heinekeen (always the best) and she had a margarita and piƱa colada. the night ended with a lot of love.

sign off - cv


  1. K3ViN  

    Happy Belated birthday 2 ur wife....

  2. Caramel Corn  

    hope you both had a wonderful time..wish you lots of love and happiness together

  3. Caramel Corn  

    i vant ztho zknow about ya, baby...lol


  4. Joze Foo  

    so loving...jealous nia.....

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