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2010, wut ya all think?

back.. i'm back.. busy and lazy. hahaha.

story of moo moo......
coming back from Equatorial to Tg Bungah.. at around 18:00 hours. enjoying my drive, smooth and quiet with light and easy fm playing.. happy mood "on" then passing thru Greenlane, a little traffic but not unbearable. then slowly i passed the turf club. birdie singing along the tree top "no drop on my car, lucky" with a smile on my face i keep driving using Jalan Utama (road) checking out those nice villa as usual, especially my favourite 121B. enjoying the right view and the left view then reach the traffic light...... my next turn woud reach Penang Chinese Girl School...green light "on" turn ... and!!

fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm stuck.. nobody is moving. it looks like piles of car q`ing for parking to a club. then i thought, well this is pretty expected, everyday (except weekend) thanks to those considerate mommy and daddy and up most considerate school bus driver. so i turn the music volume up a little to keep my "happy mood" "on" and slowly after like some fucking 20-30 minutes i THOUGHT i pass the critical area and I'm still stuck. i start wondering why? there should be no annoying bus and loving parent infront.. why is everybody still driving with the speed of 0.145kmph?

then i saw this .. when im finally moving a little faster than when my mum pushing a trolly in tesco.

it's 2008, the 2nd (i think) largest city in Malaysia with the longest bridge in Asia and in a country with the tallest twin tower in the world also we have an angkasawan going to space doing stupid teh tarik BUT we still have a group of moo moo on the road during rush hour? speechless!

sign off - cv


  1. Taoju  

    Welcome back!:) That moo moo is a runaway moo and lost in the middle of nowhere. Why didn't you help to bring moo to police station? Hahahahaha!

  2. Constance Chan  

    OMG those cows are still around ka... i used to ride my little scooter bike from the direction of pulau tikus towards the mt erskine road turn left at those cemeteries, up the hills and see those cows there. they belonged to Indian residents living there. the place stenched of dung but my school friend who lived there then, said she got used to them.

    perhaps juju is right, it could be a runaway cow. bring it home for free cow's milk for Lucas and that cuppa you need.

  3. Constance Chan  

    oh.. silly me.. all i wanted to say was, I got a tag for you. Please Do Patronize Me.

  4. - tony -  

    traffic jam till i pek chek d still bring moo moo to police station. :P

    hoon ah... u tot nz moo moo meh.. these milk not sterilize one la..

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