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2010, wut ya all think?

one fine night, having dinner with my wife. we had a discussion about something silly but yet interesting. "CHOPSTICK" !!!

if any penangites were to realised, when you going for some hawker food. every plates came with a pair of chopstick. and if you're ordering side dishes, they come with (no. of pair according to how many ppl there is) even you already have 10 pair from the previous plate you ordered.

so for a 2 person meal, if you order 2 main meal(2 pair), 2 side dish(4 pair), 2 little snack (4 pair). you get total of 10 pair of freaking CHOPSTICK!!

this is a 2 meal with 2 side snack. .. "amazing penang"
sign off - cv


  1. Kikey  

    some smart tauke won't give u, if they see u already have the chopstick... cos wasting...

  2. hoon  

    ya i agree with laksa.. here also they see if u have chopsticks or not.. so they can save it...

  3. Joze Foo  

    same here!

  4. - tony -  

    but most of the time in Pg especially, they just keep giving.. lol.. i think i want to start collecting chopstick liao

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