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2010, wut ya all think?

First, everybody is angry about the increase of fuel in Malaysia, but i'm more angry becos they have to announce it hours before off working hour. why do they have to do this everytime? can't you announce it during the morning or early afternoon? im stuck for 2 hours becos everybody rushing to fill up their tank. I can understand why this time (last increase was just a mere 20cents), but this time it's almost 40% increased. So you can't blame ppl rushing to bombak the station.

next, why at this time? when Malaysia politic have the worst stability over..? as in the government have no idea the dissatisfaction of the rakyat toward them? the result is obvious during the March 12th election no? or it's merely a punishment? well, the answer lie within them. we wouldn't know for sure.

Let's go back to the fuel increase, remove the subsidy and let it flows by itself. smart decision, now, when i used to fill it up at 120myr full. i think it would cost me 160myr today onward. so lets do a simple calculation. I spend around 800-1000myr on fuel itself. so means im looking at 400myr a month increases. That could be a month installment for a decent car for fuck sake.

Thank god i cut down on booze now :)

took this last night at one of the gas station in penang, well when you are stuck with nothing to do; you take photo.

sign off - cv


  1. alvincheng  

    Most blogger blog regarding this topic the first day this morning. I did post up my idea as well, more or less same also. But i have one cute picture of our PM, do come and read.


  2. 字言字語  

    what to do...
    being lead by those ppl...


  3. - tony -  

    all fcuk up bozo management.. haiz

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