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2010, wut ya all think?

Last friday is exactly 2 years of my non-bachelor life le. We head on to QEII for some fine dining.. skipped 32 Mansion this time.

it was a great night. We had a lot fun and a lot of food to begin with. lol. Let me see, some prawn salad.. then a lobster soup, yum yum.. trio set of everything. not forgetting..! the new HOT amazing beef in the menu. "Wagyu beef cheek" if i'm not mistaken. It's as soft as compare to a kobe beef. unbelievably yummy.

the next great thing, it's all free! Dave "the owner" said... everything on him. go max with the orders and all for free. bingo! so here i go.. alcohol and alcohol.. back home with a full and BIG belly. hahaha. Uncle already.. what to do.

only took one quick photo... too busy with my drink :P

oh ya, Sam (dave son) told me the Wagyu beef is a part from the cheek, well of cos, the menu name make it pretty clear it all doesn't it? then i receive a sms the day after and Sam said, damn it! "you didn't get the joke, wagyu beef cheek is the butt!!, not cheek" so name doesn't mean the origin sometimes after all.

Dave, Sam . thanks for the meal and the great night. I'LL BE BACK! hahaha.

Happy anniversary HONEY! love ya.

sign off - cv


  1. Constance Chan  

    wah Wagyu beef. in sg alone a Wagyu burger cost more than S$100 in a gourmet burger joint. Even the Wagyu beef alone, they are expensive.

    i really don't know which part of the beef is tat. don't really wanna know. which part of the animal is really that soft, i don't dare to find out... guffawwww

  2. Constance Chan  

    oh. and happy Anniversary to your wifey and you. wish you both everlasting happiness and romance, ya. no romance no shiok ma...hehehe

  3. - tony -  

    same ler, very expensive back in pg also. but it's free ma.. lol..
    hoon!! let me repeat.. its the butt! kakakakakakakakaka

  4. K3ViN  

    happy Anniversary to you both...... wah eat a lot.. then got free? soo nice

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