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2010, wut ya all think?

heading to jln burmah telecom center to pay my bill the other day. since they have the new drive-thru counter, so i decided that would be much more convenient since the area have difficulty of parking your car. its a busy road leh.

manacai, i saw this uncle on bicycle infront of me. waiting in line. wah lao! i cannot tahan ter-laugh-out. sorry uncle. just curious why you use that counter since u can easily drop your bicycle and go inside the air conditioning room with 10 counter to pay your bill leh.

but this uncle very nice, he actually help me to make sure others didn't cut my q, cos there is some BLIND idiot who walks to the counter try to pay the bill. Dude! it's drive thru. not walk-to counter. at east put some effort like this uncle, use a vehicle then you'll be eligible to use it.

I present to you, the nice uncle. *bergaya sia*

sign off - cv


  1. Taoju  

    Walao! This uncle is superb! It may be due to increase of fuel cost and he's actually cycled to pay his bill. Hey, don't look down on cyclist lor because nowadays bicycle is very "tat lui" because fuel free.. hehehehe LOL..

  2. - tony -  

    maybe i should start shopping for a bicycle. mountain bike which brand is good?

  3. Taoju  

    Err! I has no idea which brand is good.. you can check with barra. He's the expert.

    P/S: My home internet connection is down.. So lost with the updates among friends. sigh!

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