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2010, wut ya all think?

SHOCKING! just read about it at Malaysiakini : lawyer, Anwar may be arrested tomorrow
PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim could be arrested when he goes to the Kuala Lumpur police headquarters tomorrow to have his statement recorded on the sodomy allegation against him.

what will happen if they really arrest him? what will happen to Pakatan? we all know by heart that without him, there will not be Pakatan. even with the winning of 5 states by the opposition at the previous 12th Election, we are talking about 5 state government (3 of the most developed state in Malaysia) behind his back, a de facto leader of opposition coalitions and this is it?

i couldn't help myself but to wonder, arresting the most influencial politician in Asia at this moment? and for what? will the debat still on-going as schedule at 9pm tonight? tv9/astro awani? let's all head home and switch on the tv.

sign off - crash


  1. jepunlauee  

    well ,let hope the truth will come out..really so shameful of malaysia,when pll of other country keep asking about our govt ppl er sodomy case..

  2. -crash-  

    hope so ler, glad you can finally post le. haha, my blog new look nice bor?

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