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2010, wut ya all think?

First, my respect to Datuk Seri Anwar for his performance at the debate air via Astro Awani earlier. Sharp, confident and full of charisma. I'm not a political blogger neither am I bias toward any party but this is a little too much for a Malaysian to ignore. I think anybody would agree that Datuk Seri Anwar out-perform Datuk Shabery and wins hands-down without any doubt.

While Datuk Seri Anwar stressing on point by point on how to lessen the burden of Rakyat, what can be done and what might happen in the future if nothing is done; our Information Minister countinously acting with his inmature "personal stabbing" and petronas! petronas!.

Datuk Shabery Datuk Shabery, apahal dengan datuk nie, I am pretty much a political idiot and not to mention my maths and calculations pretty much covered with 1 word; "shitty"! figure and number is not my game. As a simple me could understand Datuk Seri Anwar was stressing that "Petronas is doing a GOOD job" "Petronas is doing a GOOD job" and it is not about Petronas. It's about fund's management la Datuk, "pengurusan dana yang diberikan oleh Petronas; paham?" It's about the management of those funds that Petronas has given to our government. How to manage it better and did not burden the rakyat at 1-time-go. Datuk oiii Datuk, tak pasal pasal Datuk nie tembak Datuk Seri Anwar with all his past and "shit" while he is with goverment at Tun Mahathir era apasal? We are here to hear and witness a debate about how our leader can help the RAKYAT, ease the pain and recover the country economy. You pulak pergi tembak macam AK; profesionalism mana Datuk? dahlah pakai suit punya cantik. But you did score a high point from me; is to face Datuk Seri Anwar at the debat and did not "gostan". I think most people would give you that.

Well, at least we know what our leader is thinking and where our country future rely on..
Who those who missed the live debate, you can view the complete video here at MediaRakyat.
sign off - crash

p/s: Datuk Shabery, you are appearing on a debate on National TV, watched by million's and your saliva..............


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