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2010, wut ya all think?

thing's seem to go very wrong lately, i just lost my limited ed Reebok DMX (trackback my post about the sneaker) sneaker, was stolen outside my front gate in a heavily fully guarded with security apartment wor NAH! and then yesterday my wife lost her crystal Givency Sunglasses (trackback my post about the sunglass). She think she left it at the bank counter. heart-paint to the max for both of us.

the worst is yet to come, when we finally took time to go thru the credit card statement... "FRAUD" more than $2,000 of unrecognised transaction in USD and SGD.althought there is some stupidity to the guy/whoever is using our credit card to pay for his/her KL Maxis and Digi Bill via online (its traceable! you moron dick/pussy head) and some massive herb purchase online at iherb.com and not to mention the shocking weekly deduction from the credit card from this merchant name stated "Nassau County Police". i have no idea what that is, i assume is a police department, but why a weekly payment? from who? hmm.. i leave that to the bank to solve it.

hopefully today is a good day.. give some good news!

sign off - cv


  1. K3ViN  

    sooo poor nia u both..... hape a new day will come lor

  2. Taoju  

    Hey, go check your neighbour's shoe rack/cabinet.. next time, better wear chien thua.. no need to worry. hahahahah.

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