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2010, wut ya all think?

even TVB drama would end by ep.20. This is simply the longest drama's ever produced by Malaysia. it's just like "LOST". when you keep dragging and dragging in the end.... you lost the direction and boom! under carpet and people's forget and lives go on. Especially with malaysian mentality, we are always "there is a new headline now, lets focus on that". Just like a new club. People's just move on.

honestly, what does all those demonstrations/rallies really do? easy way out "i will just ignore you la! what can you do?" every single day, we heard this and that, preparing, expecting something worth a smile.. and yet. at this hour to date.. 14th July 2008.. who is smiling other than; you know who.....

people's power does it even relevant now?

sign off - cv


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