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2010, wut ya all think?

just back from Looi Orthodontic. x-rayed, molded, checked.. next is to wait for his proposal. oh well, he call that a presentation. so that is next week thursday.

making the mold for my teeth is the weirdest experience ever, also the one time i realize i could stuck something so big into my mouth. whole freaking 5x8 mirror and mold into my mouth and hold it for like 3 minute. i almost choked myself. wonder how those porn star able to do a deep-throat.

good new is, i need to extract 2 upper tooth. bad new my wife insist to extract all the 4 wisdom tooth. so means total of 6 tooth... crazy meh! thats y, a lesson learned, never bring your wife for any medical related check-up.

sign off - cv

p/s: lot of nurses and some are pretty cute! *honey i love you***** :x


  1. Taoju  

    Wah.. lu lao lu hiao hor! leng leng leng leng! hahahah! Wish you luck and take care!

  2. tony  

    haha, don't said like that la ju. me not very lao ma... still in my 20's!! haha

  3. K3ViN  

    wah if u really braces, u cant really eat hard thing lioa lor.....

  4. -crash-  

    don't care la, no pain no gain ma

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