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2010, wut ya all think?

this is the biggest drama that keep on disturbing me. maybe i'm stupid and couldn't understand but the whole thing doesn't make ANY SENSE. i just can't help it. i need to shout it out!

I just couldn't get it, your love one being sodomised and became the biggest story in the history of Malaysia of "liwat meliwat", being charge for defamation and the first thing you do is to set up a blog? A step in my pink mary janes

Got his ass fucked so many times and he still can have the mood to set this up? and upload such a cute photograph? Saiful Bukhari Friendster sounded like a challenge to DSAI wor.

Not to mention the rest that are pretty much public/common knowledge, 23 years old liwat by 60's with back problem, even if he is a strong guy also not easy la. unless he knock you down. You watch too much gay porn and thought that it's easy to just fuck up an asshole?

second thought, those blog and friendster account might not really belong to you guy. either way! that old man couldn't have fuck you up mate! maybe you've been gang banged? then it's possible! but why report at this time?

hmm..... disturbing..
sign off - cv


  1. Anonymous  

    Tony, i think this saiful tunang really get cheap publicity for her blog eh? for the wrong reason and so proud of it!YUKKSS
    thanz for visiting my blog

  2. - tony -  

    a little too cheap don't you think? mid of these she blog wor? yao mou kau cho.

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