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2010, wut ya all think?

a lot of people now start blogging for different interest, including this hot sweetie from Spore. Babyvincy @ babyvincy.blogspot.com ; very interesting on how the young trying into making their first millions.

but sweetie! SGD500 an hour for escort? you got to be kidding uncle. compensation for your escorting time (not prostitution of cos) is like if it's not more expensive than getting an service from an Oracle consultant. i think a lot of uncle in spore cannot afford your premier service sweetie. maybe you consider lowering your price a little but heck no! that would make you less premier. since you once a racing queen before i guess you have to set a certain standart to it. else any "beng""seng" also booked you up. RIGHT?

but wei, just my 2cents; maybe you wanna try some "tanning", you know....... if your're targeting ang moh expat, you might wanna look healthier. Apart form that... you seem like a pretty sweet young girl (also HOT.. forgot to mention; sorry :P). i wish ya all da best ya sweetie.

i love singapore!

sign off - uncle crash


  1. Constance Chan  

    500 ahhhhh perhaps some Japs likey?

  2. Escort service  

    500 is quite reasonable I would say.

  3. 日月神教-任我行  


  4. lin  


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