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2010, wut ya all think?

omfg, this is hilarious. 11% TO 8% meaning a total of 3% back to your pocket to HELP the people to cope with the current "everything also went up" crisis.

Second most ridiculous thing I've heard this morning was that to whom he/she wish to remain with the 11% contribution need to go to EPF office, take a Q during working hour (skip your lunch, save money somemore) and fill up some bla bla form. I look at my wife and show her a face of  "WTF"? isn't it suppose to be the opposite? those who wish to reduce their contribution fill that sucka form up? I don't see anyone would want to do that anyway (i'll explain why) so you are basically asking every fucking bloke/bitch who need to work to pile up EPF building for the next few week.

Why the 3% is ridiculous? i don't see any reason anyone would want to do that. You see, the everage income of a Malaysian would be around 2,000myr. 11% would be 220myr, so no you can contribute 8% instead so it will be 160 so means you are adding an extra 60myr to your monthly salary. So, 60myr a month then your life will be much easier now. No more financial problem, stress free, crisis tackled.. yeaha! PLEASE LA. you can't even fill up our "beloved Proton" Wira with that incredible 60myr. Stay away from our retirement fund will ya?

This is so tiring....

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    Time to meet our local MP's or NGO's to voice the concerns..coz i doubt it the media has any power as it's all political as of late. Moreover working in the govt or local owned companies may not be of best interest; but a shift to a global agenda may be worth contemplating!!

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