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2010, wut ya all think?

it's been like what? 3 months without updating? i pretty forgotten all about it. pity me :( busy! at work busy! when back home. Lucas has grown up big now..... he just wanted to get involve in everything including playing with daddy computer. so it is not an easy task to go around online as usual now.

anyway, thanks to an email, it remind me that... oohh.... I have not update my blog for a very long time.
saying nice blog but why the blog title doesn't go with the content ha? been thinking.. hmmm!! trendy life style.. hahhaa.. should goes with something trendy, maybe fashion preferrence? clothings and etc that related to my life?

so, on and off, for now i will post something more related. still about me and my life and my lovely family, but i will put some personal fashion (well if this is what you call) touch to it. till then...............

sign off - crash


  1. jepunlauee  

    wah..at last you are back..tot you sudah hilang to other space...hahahah..

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