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2010, wut ya all think?

just this new year itself he own another 3 pair of NEW shoes "oshkosh, and 2 adidas" i love the adidas. whereby daddy and mummy only have 1. but, well.. look at those tiny litle cute sneaker, how do you resist something like that? i am not sure how long this shoes woud last for him as children tend to grew so fast. it might no longer fit after a couple of month.

also some of his new clothing "line" lol. man this is just a part of his collection. his little wardrobe looks very interesting now . still..... he look so cool on it. no regret! :P

sign off - crash


  1. FAD MOM  

    no worries la.. it's never too many shoes.. i used to buy several adidas sneakers for my elder dotter too. adidas really have nice ones. we usually go to the adidas boutique in Takashimaya. somehow during that time adidas in Msia cost less than the ones in Sg. But they don't carry as many designs.

    I was an adidas fanatic a decade ago! i bought everything from tops, gym pants, sneakers, bags, swim wear and even watches and eyewear!

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