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2010, wut ya all think?

my oh my, isn't these gorgeous. my new belt and of cos my wife "hand-picked" by me heels. apology for the photo quality, the actual color as you can see the heels is gold-ish/silver. it is a complete gorgeous. the only thing is that the 3-inch heel doesn't do me any good since my wife is rather tall. so now she gets about 1 inch taller than I am if she wear this but i love it so so much so it doesn't realy matter. hahaha. gorgeous and extremely elegant. i have to admit i am pretty good with shopping! and i am so good with shoes/heels..

so in love with my new belt now. love it! love it! love it! thank you thank you thank you! hahaha. plan to have it around me on my buddy wedding day, well a couple of my best buddy. but some cancelled, some posponed .. my oh my; crazy planning. so i am a little sadden by this since i still looking for an excuse to start wrapping it around my waist :P

sign off - crash


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