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2010, wut ya all think?

about more than a year ago, i lost my tiffany and i found it back.

Tiffany Atlas Missing (previous post here)

well now it happened again, but i have a bad feeling that this time i will not be able to find it back. i completely search thru the whole car and i found some dust and mite and nothing else. sob! sob!

the thing is i normally only took it out before i go to bed and when I am at home. but this time i realised it went missing passed some certain hour after i came out from a lawyer office, not sure where it might be, i make an urgent/immediate call to her and she told me ... "she didn't see any ring wor. so sad!" so where could it be?.... maybe i play around with it during my walk to my car i might drop it somewhere since during that time my mind is rather busy.

i want it back..!! one way or another. i don't f*cking care.

sign off - cv


  1. Constance Chan  

    aiyo.. when u lose it one time is a lesson.. now lost again.. adoi... u need to tie a string on it to your neck next time.

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