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2010, wut ya all think?

Lately i keep receiving call from a malay lady claiming that she is a staff working for Menara KL Tower Card Center.

i got this real weird feeling as normally a professional/official call for c.card offer or promotion will not or most normally not being call from a mobile number, her's start with 016-2....

so now the story she came out with was that Visa card have choosen my card for a free VIP bla bla bla holder. wah! hoseh liao la, my wife can have a new card to max out on some latest Vuitton bags now. I didn't pay much concentration... but neither to hang up. Naughty me. so she proceed asking me for my type of card currently holding (lady!! if you said visa pick me as their card holder..... you don't know what card I have?) then also the card number... hmmm, so i told her.. hey sorry why not you call me like tomorrow. I didn't have my card with me today. Basically i just wanna see if they really kept the record and call me back tomorrow.

impressive, she actually call me again tomorrow and asked if i have my card with me. so i commented her for being hard working :P again she ask for number expry date and so on... my reply, look... how about you gave me your office number and i call you back in a while as i am going in for a meeting right now? and she goes, OK.....HANGED UP! hahaha.

So guys, this is serious; i believe they have made this same call to many people. you guys just have to be careful with your own perosnal and card details.

sign off - cv

p/s: where the hell they get all my personal data at the first place such as my IC .. name and number? no there is no i/c no on my bizz card..:P


  1. Constance Chan  

    must be a phishing scam.... report to mata

  2. Liew  

    haha, i oso get same call like you juz now. walao, their brain broken or wat, ask me to give him the 3 digit at the back of the card. dis is veri sensitive one, and then i off my handphone to terminate dat conversation. veri weird lor, do thing like dat, he think i am lulu meh. so, i dunno whether it is true or not. i juz advice other people who read dis, please dun simply trust other people la. u know la, such a day, people is devil one. take care.

  3. firefly  

    I just got this call probably from the same Malay lady, with the same mobile prefix 016-2... then passed to a guys as she couldn't understand me. Asked me the same thing.. 1st 4 digits of card #, what's the next, etc. I stopped after the 1st 4 digit. Told them I don't want to divulge anymore. He then thanked me and hung up. A phishing scam.

  4. Anonymous  

    Oh my god, luckily i was in front of my pc and had internet access to google "MENARA KL TOWER SCAM" when i got this call from a malay lady asking me all sort of sensitive information. Times are really bad and people are getting desparate with their scams. People please be careful.

  5. Anonymous  

    I have checked with KL Tower personnel regarding the card and it's true and I did receive the card after signed up for the RM498 package.
    I had also gone for the vacation offered togother with the card.
    HOWEVER, the member card service is provided a by third party company assigned by KL Tower, which name is Spiral Tower.
    The damnn Fcxking comapany really damn cos the services provided by them are damn sucks and the workers bear no responsibility at all.
    They din book the hotel for me properly and asked me to pay for the hotel first during my vacation and i found it's damn hard for me to claim back the money.
    Good news is, i have called to diu that manager named Amos greatly and finally they banked-in back my money to me.
    So, i urge all of you here, please do not trust this Spiral Tower company AT ALL no matter what they promise or offer to you!

  6. Strv  

    I got the call yesterday.. i think its the same Malay lady with 016-2... number. The story is like what the 1st post had mention, said i was the lucky 200 person choosen to register for this KL Tower Lifestyle Card.. then asking me whether i was using Visa or Mastercard, from which bank.. etc.

    When i query her why call me using personal number, she said that this is DIGI Business line (ZzzZzzz...) Then she kept going telling all those freebies i ca get (free admission to KL Tower, 3D 2N Vacation at any hotel, discount for medical check up etc.)

    But she never ask me for the number on the credit card, but she did ask me my address (which i do not give) and i end up the conversation soon afterwards..

    So please be careful ppl.

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