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2010, wut ya all think?

Well, it is always an excuse for party in Malaysia when it comes to any public holidays. As long as there is a holiday for tomorrow, tonight the clubbing scene will be a madness. As we had a little too much club night out yesteryears, me and my bunchs (ain't young anymore) now frequent more to a quiet bar or a KTV for some obvious reason that we Asian just can't resist to do a little singing here and there.

So same goes for last night as some friends get a day off today for the Deepavali (festival of light)replacement holiday, we head to a KTV bar at upper Penang Road, D'Joint KTV & Bar. We've pretty much a frequent to the joint now with our attendance every Friday night for a happy hour. Me and my bunch of malaysian idol wannabe that is. Since then our choice of is is none other than Guinness Draught.

Had about 7 pint of Guinness Draught last nite and this morning is amazing. No hangover or whatsoever that you would expect from drinking beers. It cost a little more but I can tell you it well worth it. With beers, you wake up the next morning feel and look like a zombie, your head is completely messed up! never ending thirst down your throat; ache all over your body and you wouldn't even know if you did your dog by the lawn.

So for the reason being, especially f**king the dog part. Vote for no hangover :P

sign off - crash


  1. Anonymous  

    I cant drink guinness draught,so bitter...


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