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2010, wut ya all think?

As a malaysian, 1 fine day you decided.. ok this is it! no more piracy. Let's get some legimate music.

The first thing you would think of will be the Malaysia Apple iTunes store. Cool right? nope.. not at all. The store doesn't sell any music at all. yes! no music, NONE! only applications.

So you are pretty frustrated, you head to amazon.com. Guess what? "not available in your country". WTF again? What is wrong with these company? Why are they not selling us Malaysian any music? Ha.. the problem lies not with these giant corp, it is the country. This fcuk up country that I live in. I guess due to the problem of rates of piracy in Malaysia, you can buy a new album release today and by tomorrow you'll see millions of copy on the street. This is WHY.

then comes to the question, why Malaysian tent to go for copy? be it music's or movies? BECAUSE YOU CAN'T FCUKING GET/FIND ANYTHING HERE. There are either can't be found or censored (ridiculously) or banned from the country. So sometimes I do really have to say.


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  1. jepunlauee  

    poor poor sayang Tony...dun't so angry la...
    What to do? This is Malaysia..and Malaysia Boleh!!!

  2. Constance Chan  

    hahaha yaya perhaps that is what they meant. Malaysia Boleh, Boleh, Boleh!! Apa pun Boleh!!!

  3. 日月神教-任我行  


  4. lin  


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